Tuesday, February 13, 2007


well its February and so the valentine's day cometh. The ritual of flowers,candy and for the endowed diamonds starts..i on the other hand am sitting in bless listening to i can never be your woman by whitetown as my woman does not believe in this hyped holiday..if you really love someone then any day is valentines day ...so my less unfortunate friends who have to give some to get some..i hope you give her something good and anybody who does not have a lady friends to them i say rejoice and make this day..your day...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammys 2007

wow..the Dixie chicks get the nods and acclaim..no wonder they are not ready to make nice..the other performances worth mentioning were the Christina song its a man's world..amazing performance..my all time favorite red hot chili peppers...however i chuckled when they came up pick their Grammy and Anthony Kiedis got startled by seeing Al Gore..


why do we blog ? the answer to that question can be many but what the hell do i care.i will blog so i can say whatever i want to say without anybody knowing who i am.That in itself is a pretty good reason..don't u think.